Re-Elect Linton Delainey for Ward 6 Councillor for Strathcona County

Delainey ready for October

Strathcona County’s Ward 6 councillor Linton Delainey will be running for re-election in the upcoming October municipal election. Delainey was first elected in 2010 after spending the three previous years attending regular council meetings.

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News Release September 16,2013

Linton Delainey understands that the only effective way to affect change in any bureaucratic corporation is from within that organization. Consequently, as a private citizen, he attended every regular Council meeting for a full three years prior to being elected in 2010 as the current Ward 6 County Councillor.

Linton insists that such first-hand experience is essential for anyone seeking public office in a servant-leadership role in order to gain an understanding of the vision, knowledge, skill sets and commitments, required to competently manage the complexities and challenges of municipal government. It is also imperative that they understand that Strathcona County must be well-positioned to be a strong regional player in infrastructure funding, fiscal planning and mega resource and agricultural development opportunities.

With County Council terms now being extended to four years, Linton is ready to commit for another term as Ward 6 Councillor and to offer all County residents the benefits of his many years of logic-based, “common sense” decision making skills, which he carefully developed in a broad senior educational, business and community service environment. He is confident that he will be able to competently represent one of Alberta’s largest business corporations at all regional and senior levels of government, business and industry.

Linton’s election platform is simple! He wants to continue his reputation of working hard for his Ward residents and the collective benefit of all Strathcona County residents.

One of the highlights Linton is most proud of during his first term on Council was working with an area resident, his local MLA, County Council and the Administration, to facilitate the installation of traffic lights on Range Road 233 at Whitemud Drive (Hwy. 628). He asks “How many lives have these lights already saved?”

Linton also felt privileged to vote to hire a dynamic new C.A.O. whom Council has charged with responsibilities to implement Council’s “new” strategic plan while at the same time incorporating time-specific performance and efficiency results identified in the County’s “first ever” Pursuit of Excellence Report.

Ultimately, Linton supports implementation of a new zero/performance-based budget process centred on improving customer service. This will facilitate meaningful resident input and involvement and consider the advice to be offered by the ‘first-ever” Finance Advisory Committee comprised of four prominent local business and Chamber of Commerce leaders.

If his Ward 6 residents “re-hire” him as their Councillor for the next four years, Linton envisions lobbying Council to establish an up-front, maximum percentage property tax rate and to seek year-end Budget Results Reviews by all departments prior to the beginning of the next budget cycle. He also wants to allow the public to submit Budget Request Forms and provide meaningful ideas regarding how Council can achieve cost effective and balanced rural-urban spending of their property tax dollars. Linton believes Council must strive to ensure all residents understand the value of, and the benefits they receive for, their precious tax dollar!

Overall, Linton plans to continue actively seeking input from his rural residents prior to his making major operational or potentially expensive property tax-supported infrastructure decisions on their behalf. Issues such as providing an expanded and safer rural bike-pedestrian trail system, up-grading various rural roads to a higher standard, increasing rural resident and property safety by standardizing property identification signage, and lobbying the Alberta Government to complete Highways 21 and 628 (Whitemud Drive) are four of his most important goals.

Finally, Linton wants to be front and centre to represent all 92,000 plus Strathcona County urban and rural residents, businesses and industries in balancing the impending property tax implications and options related to any plans for the urban expansion of Sherwood Park versus the impending loss of irreplaceable farmlands.

On September 23rd, Linton will submit his nomination papers and invites all County residents to visit his web-site at or to contact him by e-mail at His historical record as a Ward 6 County Councillor is also available at .