Re-Elect Linton Delainey for Ward 6 Councillor for Strathcona County – 2017

About Linton

I am a married family man with three grown children and a proud Strathcona County Colchester area resident for over 48 years.

Since the next council could be charged with making regional infrastructure and growth decisions that could commit our county to massive long-term debt, and tax-payers need to be kept well-informed as those decisions go forward, I am once again seeking re-election to county Council for another four-year term.

Should I again be re-elected to county Council, I will continue to be highly visible and engaged in our community and to actively demonstrate my personal philosophy of service over ambition.  I will continue to “dare greatly”, serve with absolute integrity, and I will always care more about doing what is right and just, rather than what is popular.

As the Ward 6 representative on County Council for the past seven years, I have effectively utilized my broad experience in corporate and private business, as well as from education as a senior educational administrator, school principal, University of Alberta Assistant Professor and instructor at Grant MacEwan Community College, that has enabled me to provide mature common-sense servant leadership and to make intelligent decisions based on research, preparation and consultation.

Over the years, I have been inspired by quotes made famous by two all-time baseball greats:  Babe Ruth said “Its hard to beat a person who never gives up!” and Yogi Berra said “It ain’t over til its over!

I invite any county resident to contact me by email at  and to review my past “Opinions” articles in the Sherwood News at  with special attention paid to my February 18, 2016 article Prophesy, trust, Whitemud: a crossroad.